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Thursday, September 8, 2011 by Matt Woodward

Web Design WordleWhy do I  need a website? We still hear people asking themselves this, our response “well..if you don’t need a website, why bother with a phone either!”

The truth is people love the convenience of Googling for a service, finding the information they need quickly and ticking an item off their “to-do” list. That might mean booking their cats into a cattery, or asking a plumber to pop round to look at their boiler. In the absence of a good website, the customer is resolved to trawling through various advert-based sites where they have no idea who is good or not! If you present your business on the internet and highlight the good work you do, there’s a good chance they would come direct to you. Let me rephrase that, you would get the work without needing to do anything! No cold-calling, no mail-outs – just direct referrals from your own website. Sounds good hey? No tricks, it just works!

At FGSD, we’ve been doing websites for years. We’ve come to understand what works and what doesn’t and love for our customers to benefit from our experience. We won’t blind you with the standards we stick to, or get stupidly technical with you – we want you to have a great site, that really helps your business. We’ll talk to you, provide you with some suggestions and let you decide what you feel will work best for you!  We don’t limit ourselves to certain technologies, we like to work in and around the guidelines you give us. All the time focusing on delivering a honest and reliable solution that fits your budget.

If you like the sound of our approach to Website Design & Development, then get in touch and let’s talk!

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