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Thursday, September 8, 2011 by Matt Woodward
coding photo

Photo by Riebart. Licensed under Attribution License

At FGSD we have lived and breathed software development for years. We have seen it at its best, its worst and everything in between. We understand that what may have originally started out as a simple idea, can quickly grow into something huge & uncontrollable. Thankfully, we’re experienced in controlling software development to ensure the development process remains structured and focussed on the key deliverables. We’re passionate about delivering quality solutions and love nothing more than seeing a solution go to good use and save businesses time and money.

Every software project is different and as such requires and requires very different project controls. Sadly, far too few software houses ever really achieve the right balance and either over engineer the project into a monolithic deliverable (that may or may not match the requirements when delivered) or under engineer the project which quickly goes off the rails (due to a lack of process and controls – more often than not born out of cowboy coding!).  Without identifying the needs of the project early on and evaluating the extent of planning and preparation required, the outcomes of  blindly applying the “same approach as last time!” can be disastrous – over-spending, missed deadlines and incomplete systems to name but a few.

At FGSD we believe in assessing each project on its own merits, agreeing the project controls up front with the client to ensure the project stays on track and that the required level of transparency and visibility of the project deliverables is provided. We could provide you with reams of detail on methodology X or Y that we use, provide you with a granular view on our project approach and impress you with the large number of documents generated by each project, but that just wouldn’t be right. We like you to know that we take each project afresh and apply the aspects of each methodology which are most appropriate, whether that be the transparency of regular review points in an agile development cycle or the formality of upfront planning provided by a PRINCE2 project structure. We work with your requirements and give you the benefit of our expertise.

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