Who We Are

Thursday, September 8, 2011 by Matt Woodward

We, Us…I?

Who are we? Well, “We” is actually more of an “I” for the time being. My name is Matt Woodward, I’ve worked in IT for the last ten years and would love to share my skills and enthusiasm for IT Solutions with you and your businesses. I’ve been fortunate enough to work within a variety of roles within IT – Support, Training, Sales, Project Management, Business Analysis & End-to-End Software Development; I’ve pretty much collected the full suite of skills to be a one man IT department and that is exactly what I’m offering! I’ve worked within both large and small businesses and have an in-depth understanding of the demands for IT Solutions at both ends of the scale.

Our Thoughts On Analysis

How do you know what it is you want, if you don’t understand what you need? This is perhaps a key issue facing many business owners. A lack of IT expertise within your business can leave you wondering blindly in the dark! So what’s next? Go looking for a reputable company, get lost in the mire of offerings? Or just dust over the issue and leave it a little longer? I think we all know it’s easy to put off today what can be done tomorrow, but sadly it doesn’t really get done tomorrow! ┬áSo I’ll tell you what, why not spend a little (not extravagantly!) and find out what it is you need? I can offer you that. Why not understand what’s causing your issue, or hindering you from using a new technology? I can offer you that too.

In short, I can help you analyse your ideas or issues and help you formulate a plan to move forward. You will know what steps you need to take, and how to take them. You will progress, doesn’t that feel better than standing still?

Our Thoughts on Problem Solving

Many times, the real issue in IT isn’t the actual problem, it’s understanding the problem and knowing what the *right* solution is. Many people haven’t had a full & broad exposure to IT issues and often jump to the wrong conclusion; implementing a solution for a problem that just isn’t there! Needless to say the solution either doesn’t work, works for a short time or just causes more headaches. I’m a strong advocate for tackling root causes and look to provide that approach throughout all of the services I offer. There is only one way to do a job, properly and once and for all! Know the solution your introducing, know it’s limitations and understand how change will affect it. If you can achieve this you’re a long way towards having a smooth running IT Solution that will last you for a long time to come.

Our Motivation

The real motivation behind who “we” are, and what “we’re” offering is to make your life easier. We have the expertise to provide you with good and honest IT Solutions by identifying the root cause of problems, and providing reliable and cost-effective solutions. We like being open with you, explaining the choices that have been made and how these impact your pocket. We like to provide you a solution that you’ll be happy with, it’s a simple as that!

If you’d like to have us work with you, get in touch!

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