30/01/2012: Social Media with Wakeful Partners

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Over last Christmas and New Years we were working with Business Advisory & Accountancy firm Wakeful Partners based over in Norwood, SA. They’d approached us to discuss the use of Social Media (namely Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) as they were keen to understand how best this could assist with the marketing of their business.

Already aware of the growing popularity of Social Networks,  the team at Wakeful Partners were keen to tap into its potential. They knew that these extra communication channels would provide opportunities to expose their business to a growing pool of internet-savvy entrepreneurs; increasing the potential to secure new clients.  What they needed to know was how to make this happen.

After meeting with them, here’s what we advised:

Firstly, we outlined a number of simple steps to help integrate the use of Social Media into their (or any other) business. These were as follows:

  1. Ensure a footprint on key Social Media Platforms – i.e. Create accounts / pages on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn and brand them as part of the business. Having branded accounts on Social Network platforms builds your brand presence online and act as additional points of referral for new business.
  2. Configure information flow between Social Media Platforms – i.e. By updating one platform (e.g. Twitter) your other platforms (e.g. Facebook & LinkedIn) should also be updated to reduce administrative overheads of keeping each Social Media Platform up to date and ensures consistency across platforms.
  3. Define the intent & audience for information sharing – i.e. Identify what types of content you will share, who the content is aimed at, and what the calls to action are.

As is the case for a lot of clients who are new to social media, the last step provoked the most thought:

  • What will we share?
  • Who will read it? How often should we do it?
  • How do we do it?

To prevent these questions stopping you from moving forward with this tool.  It’s important to be really clear about your objectives for choosing to use it.  It is key that, as a business, you have a very clear agenda for using Social Media (i.e. what do you want to get out of it?). For Wakeful Partners, the objectives were very clear:

  • Grow the business’s / brand’s online presence
  • Enhance communications for new and existing clients

These objectives helped FGSD & Wakeful Partners to identify that Social Media updates should be:

  • Focused on the services & expertise offered by the business
  • Targeted to both new and existing clients
  • Updated regularly to build a network of subscribers

Another common barrier, that many of our clients face, which has prevented them moving forward in this way, is a gap in knowledge of how these networks work.  With Wakeful Partners we were able to remove these barriers through some face-to-face training at their offices in Norwood.  During this time we discussed:

  • How the different Social Media platforms operate.
  • The terminology used by the Social Networks (e.g. What the heck is a “tweet”? or What do you mean somebody has “DM’d” us?)
  • The mechanisms employed by Social Networks to share information effectively (e.g. Using “Hash Tags” & Shortened Hyperlinks)
  • The best practices for using Social Networks (e.g. Twitter Best Practices)
  • How to choose the most appropriate software to manage your social networks.

As Wakeful Partners embark upon this new venture it will be really interesting to see the effect social media has on their business.  We will be working with them to help ensure that they are able to meet the objectives they set.  Why not follow them, or visit their Facebook page, and help develop their network?

Of course, if you’re reading this and thinking that you are interested in adopting some of the same practices in your own business then feel free to get in touch.  We’d be happy to help!

Featured Photo by Frau Hölle. Licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike License

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