06/10/2011: Tip: Anti-Tracking Software

Thursday, October 6, 2011 by Matt Woodward | Taxonomy: , , , | No Comments

Ghostery - Anti-Tracking SoftwareWith the recent revelations about Facebook’s use of tracking cookies to monitor your online activity even after you’ve logged out of the site, I thought it would be of use to share with you a very useful piece of software called Ghostery. ¬†Ghostery is essentially a browser plugin which intercepts tracking code and blocks it. When Ghostery blocks tracking code you are shown a “bubble” to let you know what has been blocked. You can configure the software to allow (i.e. whitelist) certain sites or tracking code so that you can provision for tracking code where you want it.

The best thing about this software is the way in which you are made aware of the extent of tracking code there is on the net, and that you are given full control over how it should be ran or blocked.

So if you’re security-minded and would like to know more head on over to Ghostery.com¬†and download the software for your internet browser.

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