15/09/2011: Our Social Networks

Thursday, September 15, 2011 by Matt Woodward | Taxonomy: , , | No Comments

Along with getting our site up and running I’ve also gone through the process of having our Social Networks created; at this point focusing on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be using these to provide updates on latest news & examples of work I’ve completed, and providing links back to the FGSD website for further information, so by all means “Follow Us” on Twitter or “Like Us” on Facebook and you’ll get the latest updates directly from us.

Social Networking has obviously been a huge topic both on and off the Internet, more often than not for the wrong reasons. But fear not, these tools can be a tremendous asset to your sales and marketing and can provide you with access to a much larger audience than your conventional marketing techniques. Heard of “Hash Tags” on twitter? If not then you may want to get in touch and get some initial Social Media Consultation on the basics of marketing through social networks.

Featured Photo by Frau Hölle. Licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike License

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