15/09/2011: Our Site Launched!

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FGSD - Site Launch!I’ve been working hard this last week to get the new site up and running to showcase some of the work that I’ve undertaken so far and to explain the kind of services that I’m able to supply. As with any small company, these will be scaled up based on demand, but initially my focus will be on websites and social media for local and smaller businesses. I’ve had some strong demand for this given my skill set & experience and would certainly like to open this up to other businesses to help get them the additional exposure a well-designed and intuitive website provides.

I’ll be posting some of the recent sites I’ve completed up shortly, and continuing to update the site with further information on services I can offer, meanwhile I thought I’d give you a quick rundown on the delivery of this site itself, to give you some food for thought.

As this was the start of a brand new entity I had the additional challenge of creating a new name and brand for the business. I opted for Fair Go Solution Designs to reflect the Open & Honest approach I take with my work and to provide a broader view that I’ll be working with IT Solutions as a whole. I picked the “Puzzle” graphic to accompany the name to reinforce the “Solution-Orientated” mindset the business will have. As for the colours, I’ve always been a fan of blue so that was always going to be an easy choice for me. By all means feel free to leave your comments on the chosen design, I always love to hear feedback.

In terms of technology, the site has been developed on top of the WordPress platform, which goes to show the power and flexibility of the open-source software platforms, which I happily advocate. At this point I’d also like to give credit to some of the additional technologies used through-out the site:

  • BlueprintCSS Framework – A Cross Browser CSS Framework  used to deliver the skeleton layout of this site.
  • jQuery – A Javascript Library used to provide a number of User Experience features throughout the site.
  • Disqus Comment System by Disqus – A plugin providing the community based commenting on all out posts.
  • Relevanssi By Mikko Saari – A plugin used to provide a more preferable search result priority.
  • Breadcrumb NavXT by John Havlik – The plugin used to generate the breadcrumb trail throughout  all non-home pages.
  • CFormsII by Delicious Days – A great plugin used to provide custom forms throughout the site.
  • Different Posts Per Page by Chip Bennett – A plugin used to control the page size for various content used throughout the site.
  • WP-PageNavi by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan & scribu – A plugin used to provide enhanced page navigation, which you’ll see on our search, categories & tag pages.

You’ll notice a few plugins which I’ve chosen to incorporate into the design of the site. This is one of the excellent aspects of the WordPress platform, there are loads of plugins – if you want to change the behaviour, or look and feel of the website, you can guarantee there likely be a plugin already doing most of what you need. Just another of the bonuses which helps me to bring down my prices for my customers – happy days!

If you like the look of our site and your interested in getting a site of your own done, please get in touch!

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