15/09/2011: Comfy Cats Site Launched

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Comfy Cats Website

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the team over at Comfy Cats in Mile End, Adelaide to drop our cats off for another stay whilst we went to visit family back in Europe. They have a great facility over there and our cats are always well looked after but I’d noticed they didn’t have a site. A classic example of a great business, with wonderful services to offer its customers but no exposure on the internet at all.

I spoke to Darren Liddle (the owner of Comfy Cats) during my visit and agreed to create a website for his business. Darren showed me some of the websites of his competitors commenting how drab an uninteresting they were – and he was quite right! Having a bright, fun and interesting site, was clearly a focus for Darren and I made sure that’s what I delivered.

We also included an online booking request form, so his customers could easily request accommodation for their cats. The forms stores the data centrally on the web server (in case you cant access your email) , sends the customer a confirmation email to acknowledge their request and also emails Darren so he knows instantly of any additional bookings!  Within a few days Darren and his team had already received a few bookings through the site, more than covering the cost of having it done!

It goes to show just how heavily people have come to rely on the internet when looking for business services and who can blame them? It’s a few seconds Googling  and browsing your site (to get the information they need) then, if you have your site set up right, they could be making their initial sales enquiry without as much as picking up their phone, or putting down their coffee. It’s a no-brainer! People like convenience, get a good website, get more business!

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